United Exports


  • Our farms are certified & our experienced quality team inspects the farms on regular basis
  • All of our farms & processes are regularly audited
  • We have developed policies & processes as per international standards
  • We work with producers who have selected best-in-class food safety standards in Banana exports industry

Specifications & Packaging:

  • Our fresh bananas are nicely shaped, intact and properly sized
  • Clean, without any disease & insect damages, free of contusion deformity, latex or rotting
  • We deploy best industry practices at every step of banana production & packaging
  • Below mentioned specifications & parameters are followed for every cut.
Product Name Green Fresh Bananas
Variety Cavendish
Country of Origin Ecuador
Fruit Type Premium Category 1
Maximum Harvest Age 10 to 12 Weeks for Middle East & longer transit destinations
Min. number of Leaves for Harvest / Banana tree 6 Leaves
Finger length ≥8 inches or 20cms (pulp to pulp)
Calibration 39-46
Box Types 208 & 22XU
Banana/Hands Clusters OR 4, 5, 6 hands depending on the box & market
Net Weights 14 kg for 208, 20Kg for 22XU
Stickers per box 12-15
Packing Pattern Frontal Lines
Post-Harvest Fungicides Mertec + Fungaflor + Ryzup

Quality Control & Documentation:

  • Our team is trained in quality control & standardization methods
  • Importance is given to quality throughout the container like clean & free of cut or bruises
  • Uniformity of shapes, sizes, weights & presentation of bananas are given special care
  • We use written notes, photographs & videos as means to document the observations during production & packaging process
  • Our standardized process of continuous random inspections at every step helps in eliminating anomalies & faults
  • Observations recorded & steps taken to remove anomalies & faults are documented along with photographs
  • We create reports for each cut which are shared with the importer as pre-loading reports